TINUS Affiliate Program

Be part of our community of 3D creators. Launch your clothing collection on the OVER Metaverse.

your creativity.

Publish your creations.

To join the TINUS Affiliate Program, fill out the form below with your name, email, and a link to your portfolio.

Don’t have a portfolio? No problem. You can copy and paste a link to one of your social accounts if you like.

You can upload one item or an indefinite number of NFT wearables.

Please note that each item will undergo an approval process, based on the Terms and Guidelines.


3D assets cannot be minted if they do not comply with our Sale and Technical Guidelines.

The Publication Fee is $10 in OVR Tokens per asset.

An asset will be minted once it is approved. Your collection of minted assets (NFTs) can be viewed for purchase in the dedicated section of the OVER App.

Users who wish to buy an NFT wearable will be redirected to the OVER Secondary Marketplace (web).

Join the program. Be a 3D stylist.

TINUS Affiliate Program

Showcase Your Talent. Create Clothes and Accessories as NFT Wearables.

General Terms

By uploading your 3D asset, you agree that:

  • Each asset is subject to approval prior to it being made available in the Secondary Marketplace
  • You acknowledge and confirm your understanding of the Sales
    and Technical Guidelines

These guidelines apply to all creators. The guidelines are necessary to ensure that access to the platform, the integrity of the creations, OVER’s approval process, and the sale of the assets are respected and maintained.

Acceptance Criteria

OVER will review the following technical conditions in the submission of 3D assets.

3D assets (wearables) must be “skin weighted” properly to ensure avatar animations perform as expected. Wearables without proper skin weighting will be rejected.

Wearables must preserve avatar UV mapping to ensure that the skin tones chosen by the user will be rendered as intended.

Wearables with a disproportionate number of triangles and textures will be rejected. Using too many triangles and textures can result in poor performance and an unpleasant user experience.

Creators should avoid exceeding the following Technical Guidelines when creating Wearables:

  • Creation must not be a duplicate item of another asset within the collection. 
  • Do not exceed 3K triangles per wearable.
  • Do not exceed 2K triangles per accessory.
  • Do not exceed 1 material per wearable.
  • Wearables may not mimic or copy other 3D assets that have already been published.
  • Wearables with misleading categories may be rejected.

By signing the Terms and Conditions of Sale and based on the above Technical Guidelines, creators agree that Over the Reality has the right to approve whether or not a 3D asset can be offered for sale in the OVER Marketplace.

Over the Reality reserves the right to cancel any transaction where an asset violates the Guidelines, even retrospectively. Creators who do not comply with these Terms and Conditions will be banned from the program.

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