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Our decentralized digital layer enables OVER users to create never-before-seen geolocalized experiences. Now, it’s your turn to stake a claim.

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Create your own companions, assistants, alter egos and more.

The power is in your hands.

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OVER is the decentralized infrastructure for the AR Metaverse, merging the physical and virtual world through Augmented Reality, creating a new dimension where

everything is possible.

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NFT Landowner

Stake your claim in the OVER ecosystem by buying, selling, or renting OVRLands. Content creators who contribute to the metaverse can unlock exciting new opportunities to build and launch their own AR experiences.

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the AR Metaverse

All you need to do is create your unique, personal avatar, and you’re ready to join the AR Metaverse! User-generated experiences allow for endless exploration and opportunities to meet new people. Avatars are created using the OVER App, so get yours now.

The Building Blocks
of the AR Metaverse

OVER is building the Metaverse and making it accessible for anyone, from anywhere.


Thanks to the SDK, builders can use an expressive tool to connect 3D assets, experiences, and play-to-earn games to the spatial domains defined by OVRLands and mapped with OVRLand Mapping.

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OVRLand Mapping

Land mapping allows for precise localization of AR assets to geographic locations, creating a bridge between the physical and virtual AR Metaverse.

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OVER divided the world into 300 m2 hexagonal Spatial Domains, mapped 1-to-1 to actual geographic locations. Like web domains, ownership of OVRLands (based on NFT standards) grants control of AR experiences in the defined geo-location.

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Deploying vertical use cases to highlight the potential of the OVER platform.

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Our Roadmap for 2023 is now live.

Discover the projects and features coming to OVER this year, as well as the amazing opportunities you can get involved in!


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