Dear Over users, on April 8th 2022, OVR will launch a new official logo and a new domain name. The logo will change from "OVR" to "OVER", and the new website URL will be more

Augmented Reality

What is this technology, and how does it work?

Real and virtual together

Augmented Reality is a technology capable of adding any type of content to the surrounding environment, creating the illusion that the real world and the virtual world coexist in the same space.

A technology within everyone's reach

All this in real-time and from any device with a camera. Most smartphones on the market have powerful processors that make the Augmented Reality experience extremely fluid and convincing.

A dimension where everything is possible

OVER allows users to trace their surrounding environment so that AR blends seamlessly with the real world. The spectacular union between real and digital generates a truly unique experience.

Experience OVER