The Metaverse: a place to express yourself

Jump into the OVER Metaverse. Create your avatar and personalize it with the clothes you love most.

Create your photorealistic avatar

Your Digital Identity

Why photorealistic avatars? We love your uniqueness that's why we made it easy for you to show up as yourself in the metaverse.

We use a Face Tracking and Lip Sync system that synchronizes with your avatar so what you emote in the real world gets expressed in the OVER Metaverse.

Expand your OVER Wardrobe

Make your presence known in the metaverse! Create unique styles that reflect your personality.
Experience the freedom of self-expression. Show your distinctive taste.
If you can dream it, you can be it.


Presets and Standard Clothing

We made it quick and easy to jump into the OVER Metaverse.
First, create a profile. Then, with a few simple steps, create your avatar by choosing preset styles. You can also mix and match wardrobe items to complete your Digital Identity.

3D Stylists and Fashion Houses (Coming soon)

Casual, punk, classic or ethnic, OVER is a platform for all styles.
Buy the creations of 3D stylists and fashion houses. Let the Metaverse know who you are.

Are you a 3D clothes stylist?
Participate in our program!

Join the TINUS Program. Fill out the form to start selling your clothes on the OVER Metaverse.
Please read our Terms and Guidelines carefully to determine what clothes you can sell.

Join the TINUS program

Jump into the AR Metaverse

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