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3D Point Clouds come to the Web Builder

3D Point Clouds come to the Web Builder


Physical manifestation of locations mapped in map2earncan now be added to OVER scenes quickly and simply


Previously only available with the Unity SDK, the 3D Point Clouds are now a feature of the Web Builder.

The vast majority of creators on the OVER platform use the Web Builder to add their creations to the ecosystem. Integrating 3D Point Clouds adds significant firepower to their creative capabilities, enabling all creators to access precise editing and relocalization.


map2earn – allowing creators to do more


3D Point Clouds, alongside high resolution AI-generated digital twins, are a key component of OVRMap NFTs – the output of the revolutionary map2earnsystem. Now, creators can earn from mapping locations and then add 3D Point Clouds to physical locations for further monetization opportunities, in addition to the value they’re adding to the underlying digital land.


The OVER development team will also integrate a Point Cloud viewer to the marketplace and the app, enabling exploration of these creations without users having to install additional software.


The integration of 3D Point Clouds with the Web Builder is just another way in which OVER is empowering creators while pushing the boundaries of mapping the next generation of the Internet. And we’re only in the second month of the year, so stay tuned for more features putting creators in the driver’s seat in 2023.

Visit the Web Builder to start adding your 3D Point Clouds!