A Summary of the Eiffel Tower Grand Auction

May 5, 2021

The auction for the most-visited monument in the world: the Eiffel Tower, was made possible thanks to OVR! This auction which took place in Opensea, was indeed a fierce battle among bidders to get the very priced Eiffel Tower as the auction saw bids go from a record of 1 ETH to the final bid of 38.6 ETH  at the close of the auction.

It was an intriguing experience for all, especially for members of our 30,000+ OVR community on Telegram. Users couldn’t just get over the anxiety as they kept checking the auctions and refreshing to see who topped the bids. At a point, community members had only one name on their lips- “Kebra.” It was a surreal experience, #GoKebra and other Kebra related hashtags were trending on the Telegram community. Users even changed their display names to Kebra, haha!

Why? Kebra was the catalyst and that pulled the strings. What we never imagined was the sleeping giant “Camembert” waiting to come at the eleventh hour, at the peak of the moment to steal the show.


Who won?

At a point when everyone already saw Kebra as the winner. Camembert crashed the party and from there, the bid for the Eiffel Tower was fiercely contended for. We even had to add an extra round of ten minutes twice as the community was crazy with excitement about the intensity of the auction. Hashtags and campaigns, now included #GoCamembert, #Camembertthebest, #LamboCamembert, #GreatCamembert, were thick in the last minutes of the auction. What was more interesting was that both Kebra and Camembert were members of the Telegram community, so they had fans egging them on.

And in the last minutes, probably seconds, Camembert sealed the deal and printed his name in the sands of time as the winner and owner of the world most-visited Eiffel Tower at 38.6 ETH! This was a spectacular moment for us at OVR as the community went agog trending the “hail Camembert” hashtag and chanting his praises.


Who is this Camembert?

It is important to note that Camembert also purchased some other NFTs alongside his Eiffel Tower exhibition. It’s correct to say he is a big baller in the NFT space as he had previously purchased a famous NFT- The one of Christiano Ronaldo sold by Sorare for $290,000! Now that’s huge!

With the Eiffel Tower already acquired by Camembert, we asked the community what kind of experience they would like to see at the Eiffel Tower through a poll. From the votes, a larger percentage wish to see a live event with a DJ at the Eiffel Tower. We will see to this.

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