April Development Timeline

April 5, 2021

Dear OVR community,

Last month, we launched the alpha version of OVR SDK, we enabled the bridge between Ethereum and BSC, and lots more.

Going forward, April is filled with exciting development milestones. Below is the OVR development timeline for April.

Early April

• New app release with bug fixing and refined features
• Server-side optimization to enhance marketplace and website performance
• Auctions report export within the user dashboard


• New Treasure Hunt features the in-app ability to unlock more treasures beyond the free tier.
• SDK Beta version Live

Late April

• Marketplace UI upgrade and auctions reports within the user dashboard
• Secondary marketplace official release
• New app release with better integration between OVRLive and AR features and improved UI
• Better wallet visualization in users’ dashboard
• Improved OVR Live performance
• Users’ account pairing between the OVR app and OVR marketplace
• In-app purchase of OVRlands

We are committed to the continuous building of the OVR ecosystem. Stay with us and be part of this.