Bridge Your OVRLands to Polygon

April 5, 2022

A couple of weeks ago, we started the migration of the OVER Marketplace from Ethereum to Polygon network to improve scalability. The Merkle proof and minting functions were transferred from Ethereum to the Polygon network which means that OVRLand NFT can be minted on Polygon. 

Therefore, all OVRLands minted on Ethereum must be ported to Polygon. Simply bridge your OVRLands to Polygon. Every hour we will check the OVRLands bridged and we will mint them on polygon for you and afterwards send a cashback for your gas fee worth 8 $OVR through the Polygon network.

If you have OVRLand on Ethereum you can start the bridging process by clicking on the button “Send OVRLand” located in your profile page.

The concept is simple: You bridge the OVRLands that you have minted over the Ethereum network, and the transaction fee you pay to bridge your OVRLands will be refunded to you by OVER in OVR Tokens through the polygon network.