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Coorest & OVER: together for a sustainable future

Coorest & OVER: together for a sustainable future


Combining environmental sustainability and Web3 benefits to build a greener world.

Today, 3rd of July, we are delighted to announce the beginning of our initiative to create a carbon-neutral environment, alongside Coorest, an organization that uses the transformative power of Web3 to offset CO2 emissions.

At OVER, we have always been committed to taking concrete actions that contribute to a positive impact on our planet. Environmental sustainability lies at the core of our ecosystem building efforts, where we strive to limit travel and enable immersive event experiences from anywhere.

Empowering individuals to shape a positive Earth

The main goal of this partnership is to facilitate accessible systems and technologies that empower individuals and organizations to leave a more sustainable footprint on Earth. Through Coorest’s innovative use of blockchain technology, carbon offsetting becomes faster and more efficient, by allowing everyone to offset their carbon footprint instantaneously, while creating an immutable and traceable record, regardless of their location.

By joining forces with Coorest, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the way we approach sustainability, making it easier for individuals and businesses alike to contribute to a greener future. Together, we are confident in our ability to drive meaningful change and create a lasting impact on our environment.

From vision to action: the phases of our partnership

In the main phase, the spotlight is on NFTrees – unique digital assets available for purchase on the OVER Marketplace. NFTrees are connected to real-world trees that absorb CO2 and are monitored by the Floodlight satellite. Floodlight, using satellite data, monitors all trees in carbon capture projects related to Coorest. The information collected by Floodlight satellites is then sent to Coorest’s smart contracts through the Chainlink network. This process occurs monthly to verify the existence of trees and their ongoing carbon absorption.

The native trees are planted and managed by the Coorest company. The precise location of planting is Spain, region of Aragon. The trees available on OVER are a mixed forest of native trees: Oak – Quercus ilex, Sabina – juniperus phoenicea, Pinus Halepensis, Pinus uncinate, all planted in March 2023. The owners of this NFTree have the right to claim: 250 CCO2 tokens, equivalent to the amount of CO2 absorbed by the trees per year during 20 years. These tokens can be converted into a proof of carbon compensation certificate containing relevant compensation data when used for offsetting purposes.

Coorest and OVER are confident in their ability to drive meaningful change and create a lasting impact on the environment. With this specific objective in mind, we will be rolling out more environmental sustainability initiatives in the months to come.

Help us to improve our future.

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