February Development Schedule

February 11, 2022

As the OVR ecosystem grows, we’ll keep adding more features to meet the demands of the emerging markets. This month will be filled with awesome new features, additions and improvements. Catch up on all the details below:

Polygon migration Phase 2

 ⁃ Using the Polygon Network to mint all 750k OVRLand NFT’s sold.

 ⁃ OVR Bridge for OVRLand’s from Ethereum to Polygon

 ⁃ Decentralized secondary marketplace built on Polygon

Unity SDK 0.0.2 improvements and release

 ⁃ Game object interactions

 ⁃ Variables and Conditional Logic (if – else – loop – math calculations and randomness)


 ⁃ Pin your friends in OVRLive to have them always rendered during crowded events 

 ⁃ Audio controls for OVRLand background music

 ⁃ Invite OVR Friends in the in-app Live experience.

OVR infrastructure

Performance improvements on Marketplace

⁃ Publishing the same experience to multiple OVRLands at once from the OVR Web Builder.

⁃ Map2Earn upgrade and optimization.

Exciting days ahead! We’re dedicated to building a state-of-the-art metaverse, you don’t want to miss out. Get ready for another amazing ride with OVR this month.