How to Buy OVR Tokens with a Credit Card

September 12, 2021

Please Note: Due to regulatory reasons, US and China citizens are not eligible to buy OVR tokens using credit card payment method.

1 – From the home page, click on the menu button.

2 – Scroll down and click on “BUY OVR”

3 – Click on “Sign in”

4 – Create an account by entering your details.

5 – After signing up, click on “Profile” (the hypertext link) or click on the options button on the top right corner and then click on the “Profile” button.

6 – Complete the  KYC process. This can easily be done in a couple of minutes.

7 – After passing the KYC, you can now buy OVR tokens.

8 – Next, you’ll be redirected to the Indacoin website.

On that page, insert your credit card details to complete your purchase.

9 – After you’ve bought your OVR tokens, the tokens will show up in your profile as “OVR Managed” tokens. You can now buy OVRLand with your  “OVR Managed” tokens.

To buy OVRLand, click “Buy OVRLand” on the OVR website and choose the location that you are interested in, then place a bid with the payment option “OVR Managed”.

Wait for 24 hours; if no other user outbids you, you will win the auction and this OVRLand NFT will be yours. You will see the status of this OVRLand auction as “closed”.

However, If another user places a bid higher than yours, the auction will stay open for another 24 hours. 

You can always visit “My Assets” to check the status of your ongoing land auction and your OVRLands.

If you have further questions, please join our telegram group for 24/7 customer support.