January Development Schedule

January 5, 2022

The year is just starting and we have already mapped out things to achieve. If you have been with us for long, you will know we are dedicated to building the OVR metaverse. This year, we are going to take OVR to the next level. To kick this off, we have a list of things to work on this month. You can be sure that it’ll be an exciting journey! 

Read below for all the details.

  • Map2Earn Alpha: This is not only about AR precision, and creating a wider bridge between the physical and digital worlds, it’s about creating new economies for OVR. The Alpha version will be open for selected users. For more info about OVR Map2Earn, please read this article.
  • Polygon Migration for Marketplace: As mentioned in previous articles, we’ve been closely following all of the available solutions, and the team has finally decided to move to Polygon. The OVR UX will not change. For the primary market, it will be possible to buy on Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon with OVR tokens. 
  • New Unity SDK version 0.0.2: We’ll be releasing a new version of the OVR Unity SDK with new features. 



  • Custom animation for avatars in app: We’ll also be adding the ability to select some custom features for your avatar. You’ll be able to make your avatar do some basic actions like wave, jump and dance.
  • Update for NFT in AR feature: We’ll also add previews and support for 3D items.
  • New OVRLive interface: A brand new interface to let you interact more in the metaverse.
  • Pin your friends in OVRLive: You will be able to pin your friends and they will be always rendered as an avatar when you are in a crowded event.

Amazing milestones to achieve right? Roll up your sleeves and get ready to walk with us each step of the way. You better get your head in the game, otherwise you’ll be overwhelmed by the thrill of it all. Are you ready for this!?