Make your experience even more realistic with the newest animations!

June 10, 2022

If you enjoyed our first release of cross-metaverse assets control, you’re gonna love our latest update! The first iteration was just a proof of concept for cross-metaverse assets control, but now we’re getting serious!


Lots’ of action and animations

With the latest release, game assets and characters – such as the ones we integrated from Sandbox – can do much more than walk around. All your characters now have the possibility to do dozens of additional actions and animations.


Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to use all of those?

With the new version of the OVER app, you’ll be able to tap into all the available animations: such as fight, run, and dance… you’ll have 4 customizable buttons to connect to all of the actions that the creators of the assets embedded in it! Make your NFT even more realistic!


The recipe for proper movement

The characters integrated from Sandbox can do what you want.

Click on the button on the bottom left and select the action you want to do.

And then simply watch them make it!

Remember, you also have the ability to select more actions together.

Which is the direction that we want to take?

Imagine combining this upgrade with the AR depth awareness feature – we just enabled – and your physical space will become the playground for your favorite assets!

And you might already imagine where we’re heading with all of this.

What if you could use the OVER Unity SDK to create games on the AR metaverse enabled by cross-metaverse 3D assets?


Stay tuned because we’re going to rock the bear market.