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Map2Earn takes earning capabilities on OVER to the next level

Map2Earn takes earning capabilities on OVER to the next level


Map2Earn, our groundbreaking new initiative that allows users to map both indoor and outdoor locations with greater than GPS accuracy, is creating a true gateway to the AR metaverse – and exciting new monetization opportunities for creators.


With Map2Earn, users can make a digital rendering of the physical world, precisely anchoring content and then generate a NeRF fly-through simulation of the location.


Better still, the output of these efforts are called OVRMaps – 3D NFTs of the mapped location. Users who map a location will be able to keep the NFT output or sell it on the OVER Marketplace. Minting will be live on the platform in the next month or so.


From treasure hunt to treasure creation!


Map2Earn will take over from the Treasure Hunt as the main earning initiative for OVER users. 


Every month – starting from February -, Map2Earn users will be able to submit their OVRMaps for the chance to win OVR tokens. To participate in the draw you must have made at least 10 OVRMaps (each mapping counts as a ticket). Mappings only count as 1 if they are unique and successful.


Submitted maps will go into a prize pool and 10 OVER Users will be randomly chosen using Chainlink VRF (verifiable random function). A prize pool of 10K OVR tokens will be shared among the 10 winners for that month.


Easily add 3D Map2Earn assets to OVERLands from the Web Builder


The vast majority of creators in our community use the Web Builder to create amazing AR experiences in the physical world. To make it easier for creators to use the Map2Earn precise positioning system on their OVRLands – which they can currently do with the OVER UNITY SDK – we’ll soon be adding the feature to the Web Builder.


You’ll be able to import your mapping efforts, make adjustments and enhancements, and then simply ‘drag and drop’ the 3D assets, precisely anchoring them to the physical world.. Or, if sold on the OVER Marketplace, others can purchase your OVRMaps and add them to their own OVERLands.


Stay tuned for news on when Map2Earn is added to the Web Builder, and for more M2E updates as the year progresses!