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November OVR Token Burn

December 1, 2021

Just like we announced a few days ago, every month, we will be burning 40% of the OVR tokens realized from OVRLand sales, plus 10% of sales (total of 50%) will be used to reward OVRLand buyers. Today, being the first of the month, we have fulfilled our commitment. 40% of the tokens realized from OVRLand sales in the month of November have been burnt. The details follow.


The Token Burn Details 

Total OVRLand November Auctions without Gas Fees: 615365.9037310227 OVR

Total Burnt: 246146.3614924091 OVR (40%)

OVRLand Buyers Reward: 61536.59037310228 OVR (10%). This will be used to reward land buyers with chainlink extractions.

Txhash of the Token Burn:

Token Burn Contract:

This is part of the  upgraded OVR tokenomics. If you want more OVR tokens to be burnt, simply buy more OVRLands and ask your friends to buy too. The more you buy, the more OVR tokens will be burnt. And yes, this is a win-win situation for you since you can later resell your OVRLand in the OVR secondary marketplace possibly at a higher price. Sounds great, right? Place your bid now!