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OpenEarth x OVR x Jens Kull

OpenEarth x OVR x Jens Kull


Thanks to a collaboration with OVR and Jens Kull, this virtual gallery exhibits the whole OceanDrop art collection in the metaverse and is auctioned as a single NFT and immersive experience: a MetaNFT. The gallery is virtually positioned within the metaverse in Alcyon, a world famous dive site discovered by Jacques Cousteau, located on Cocos Island, Costa Rica.

This underwater gallery immerses you in the depths of the ocean, light beaming down, surrounding you in a marine world. Above you can see the famous hammerhead sharks of Alcyon peacefully gliding through the water.

The gallery features the work from Nicole Buffett, Frenetik Void, POSTWOOK, Paul Nicklen, Cristina Mittermeier, Rebecca Rose ft. Swaggy Wolfdog & Dj Swagrman, Trnvir Singh, MB Boissonnault, Will Selviz, Mieke Marple, Fractal Frontiers, Sara Ludy, Kyle Gordon, Popil, Gilles Augustijnen, Kevin Mack, Jens Kull, Isla Moon & Silvio Pupo, Kevin Heisner, OVR x Jens Kull, OEF x Martin Wainstien and OEF x Rudolph Goldenberg.

The highest bidder will own the whole metaverse NFT art experience including:
· An asset and land in the ovr.ai metaverse,
· An executable file to exhibit it in other metaverses,
· A VR compatible file, stills and video walkthroughs,
· AND if the bid is over $100k an Oculus Quest 2 VR headset with the loaded experience.