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OVER and Decentraland set new trend for creators with Linked Wearables

OVER and Decentraland set new trend for creators with Linked Wearables


Having pioneered metaverse interoperability with the integration of assets from The Sandbox, OVER is expanding its efforts in a brand new collaboration with Decentraland.

Linked Wearables will allow Decentraland creators to publish their creations on the OVER platform for avatars – expanding their talent and influence into a brand new metaverse ecosystem.

At this stage, given the requirement for the Decentraland DAO to approve the linking of external assets with wearables on its platform, the process can only run from Decentraland to OVER. However, OVER will continue to work with Decentraland on expediting the free flow of creativity between the two entities.


Launching Linked Wearables in style with ARwards Metaverse Fashion Week Edition!

What better way to launch interoperable fashion than with an ARwards edition for Decentraland’s MVFW?

Kicking off on 1 February and running until 1 March, the first-ever Cross-Metaverse ARwards – the ‘Future Heritage Contest’ – will feature prize money totalling $10k USD worth of OVR tokens, split between five finalists.


Visit the web page to find out how you can get involved.


Just the beginning for the nascent metaverse fashion industry

With metaverse fashion leading the charge in terms of creator activity and brand adoption, OVER will be seeking other avenues for creators to display and sell their assets. We’ll also be adding to our interoperability efforts through partnerships and collaborations with leading metaverse worlds and projects.

If you’re an active designer or curious about getting involved, there’s never been a better time to dive into the world of fashion wearables.


As the year progresses, we’ll be updating you with more opportunities in this space, so stay tuned!