OVER App Release 1.4.10

July 26, 2023

A new month and a new version of the app, starring map2earn™ and the OVER Unity SDK.


NeRF video movement personalization

You’re now able to modify the path of your NeRF video. Once you’ve completed a map, you can edit the path of the cameras by rotating it, moving it up and down, changing the direction of the turn, and more.

New mapping interface

We have updated the mapping interface to help you create better quality maps, including more responsive scanning of locations. We’ll be following this update with an automatic guide to further improve the mapping process and enhance your skills.

map2earn™ for contiguous lands

Now creators have the ability to produce bigger AR experiences, accurately positioned in the real world. ‘Contiguous lands’ are multiple nearby lands joined together, that allow for the creation of bigger AR experiences.

How to form a contiguous OVRLand 

First, in the OVER Marketplace, create a folder with the OVER Lands on which you want to design the AR experience. It’s important to remember that the lands must be adjacent to each other. Second, shape your AR experience in the OVER Unity SDK and publish it in the Marketplace folder you created.


Unity upgrade

We have updated the Unity SDK engine behind the app, to improve performance.


New AR Land interface

A very cool addition to the map2earn™ interface helps you find content around you while the digital layer is active and you’re viewing the world through the app. On the ground you’ll see the edges of the map you are in and on adjoining edges you’ll see a preview of what’s available in neighboring lands. It’s a live signpost to the amazing experiences in the OVER AR ecosystem.


It’s all happening in the OVER App! Discover its full potential now. 

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