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OVER App release: AR experiences are even more to hand!

OVER App release: AR experiences are even more to hand!


This month we have released another major update to our OVER App. This time we’ve made it quicker and easier to access the huge range of amazing AR experiences in the OVER metaverse, specifically…

Access AR experiences as a guest

With the new release, there’s never been a better time to bring your friends and family into the OVER metaverse, as users can now enjoy AR experiences without having to sign up. They only need to enter the username they like best and choose either a male or female avatar. Ten female avatars and ten male avatars have been randomly assigned. 

Explore OVRLands with a new mapping section

Our hot new product feature, map2earn now has its own dedicated section within the OVRLand area of the app. Users will be able to see if any public maps have been made with attached 3D Point Clouds. If you’ve seen any of our recent social posts about 3D Point Clouds in OVRLands, then you’ll know this is a game changer for the AR metaverse.


It’s all happening in the OVER App. Discover its full potential now.

Update – or download – today!