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OVER App Release: discover the features and try them all!

OVER App Release: discover the features and try them all!


We have released an update of the OVER App, containing several new features aimed at enhancing the User Experience through our platform developed in Augmented Reality. 

From more technical to User Interface updates, this release contains features that mark a turning point and, at the same time, are the basis for all the future releases we will release in the coming months.

The Point Cloud at your fingertips

One of the principal App-related updates concerns Map2Earn – which we released in Beta Version last December. With this update, it will be possible to see your Point Cloud generated by the mapping and navigate within it. In addition, a web page has been inserted within the OVER App. Users can reach it via a button inserted on the side when the flythrough is completed). Thanks to the possibility of moving within the Point Cloud, it will be possible for users to check the mapped environment and, at the same time, experience a complete immersion in the 3D world.

Wearables, Wearables, and Wearables

After the successful opening of the OVER Marketplace to the sale of 3D wearables and their connection to the OVER App, users can define and share their style with everyone. And now, you have the chance to see the clothes purchasable straight from the App. Clicking on them takes you to the OVER Marketplace, where you can make the purchase. In the Marketplace, 3D creators can vent their talent by selling their clothes, and users can express themselves freely by choosing the look they want.

New Map and more about the OVRLands

The Map within the OVER App becomes more complete thanks to the launch of a new and completely revised version. From now on, the Map will contain colors and details to enhance the Users’ Experience.

In addition, we have introduced new filters that allow you to choose which information to display. For example, if you are interested in visiting AR Experiences, you can select the filter: Experience. The legend for the various filters is in the top right-hand corner.

The new Map also brings new ways of displaying them. Thus, it will be possible to view the Map in satellite or Streetview mode. We have added a button to switch the mode. 

The new Map version will be present also in the OVER Marketplace.

A huger experience means more entertainment! 

It is possible to create much bigger experiences thanks to the opportunity to form contiguous OVRLands. The process is divided into a few steps. First, within the OVER Marketplace, you create a folder with the OVRLands on which you want to design the AR experience. In doing so, please keep in mind two factors: 

  • OVRLands must be adjacent to each other. 
  • There must be a maximum of 7 OVRLands. 

Finally, create your AR Experience in our Unity SDK and publish it in the folder you generated.

Interoperable gameplay integration

There are a series of digital collectibles ready to be used with multiple games, technologies, and worlds in mind so that you can bring your digital identity across many different experiences.

Keep following us to learn more about this!

Metamask pairing on iOS is back!

We introduced the pairing of Metamask for all iOS smartphones. The benefits of access with Metamask are as follows:

  • All your assets are just a click away in the OVER App.
  • Greater anonymity for the OVER Community.

UI and UX improvements

We have made improvements following an in-depth analysis to improve our users’ experience within the OVER App. More specifically, we have updated the visual and sound feedback. In addition, the banners in the OVER App were also updated, improving the navigability and usability of the information.

Privacy Update 

Both Map2Earn and App privacy terms have been updated. Users need to accept them.


There are many goals we have set ourselves for this recently started year, certainly among them is to provide our users with the best possible experience in the AR Metaverse. This release goes in this direction.


Update – or download – your OVER App and discover all the points.