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OVER App Release: Easier, sharper, more fun!

OVER App Release: Easier, sharper, more fun!


New features guaranteed to take your AR metaverse experience to the next level. 

map2earnTM Point Clouds now in AR

One of the key outputs of the map2earnTM feature is a 3D Point Cloud, which is the visual manifestation of the mapped location. With the latest version of the app you can now see these Point Clouds in AR. To do this, simply:

  • Go to the map2earnTM section of the app – it’s the second button (M2E) at the bottom of the screen – and select MY MAPPINGS.
  • Choose a map you’ve created and select the Point Cloud item.
  • You will be able to choose whether to view it in the web version of OVER or view it in augmented reality within the OVER App.

Try it out now!

SDK Support

After the release of the Beta version of the OVER Unity SDK and in preparation for the release of the final version, we have added the Unity SDK support functionality in the app with the new node interface.

OVER AI Avatars

After the launch of the AI avatars in collaboration with The Lost Wallet treasure hunt, we have introduced three more AR avatars to the OVER ecosystem. Meet them today:

  • Go to the OVR Lab section of the OVER app and select ‘AI Avatars’.
  • Point your phone at the floor to generate an AR experience.
  • Select the AI avatar of your choice.

Level of detail

Introducing LOD – a revolutionary new feature that allows 3D elements to be loaded with a reduced quality if they are far from the viewing point. What does this mean exactly? 

Let’s use events as an example. Instead of seeing transparent placeholders at a club night or exhibition, you will see photorealistic avatars. As you get closer, the quality will improve until every detail is perfectly visible.

Controllable NFTs

Now you can upload controllable NFT assets to your OVRLands and let visitors play with and control them. This adds a whole new level of interactivity and fun to your AR experiences, like games, quests, galleries and more. And the best part? You can upload assets via the Builder and publish the experience right away.


It’s all happening in the OVER App! Discover its full potential now. 

Update – or download – today!