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OVER App Release: Metamask Login Integration and Much More!

OVER App Release: Metamask Login Integration and Much More!


Summer isn’t the only thing that’s coming in hot! Our goal is to give you a better Metaverse experience.
Check out our latest OVER App update. We’re definitely heating it up with these three new features.
Metamask App Login
Account Removal
NFTs with Gravity
1. Metamask App Login
You can now log in to the OVER App with your Metamask account.
In the previous version, to access the OVER App you had to log in with your social account and connect your wallet. Logging in with Metamask was only done from the web. Now, you can log in to OVER through the web or the app using your Metamask account.
The Benefits:
– All your assets are just a click away in the OVER App.
– Greater anonymity for the OVER Community.
2. OVER Account Deletion
You can now delete your OVER account on your own.
In the previous version, you had to email OVER with a formal request to delete your account. Now, you can do this on your own from the Profile section. Scroll down and select the “Delete Account” button.
The Benefits:
– More control over your account.
– Instant account deletion.
3. NFTs with Gravity
Your NFTs can now behave more normal.
In the previous version, your NFTs could only climb over objects or stairs. Now, your NFTs can move downwards over objects or stairs.
The Benefits:
– NFTs behave more like the real world.
– Enables better metaverse gaming applications.
Update the OVER App to use these new features.
Haven’t downloaded the app yet? Come on OVER! What are you waiting for?!
Jump into the OVER Metaverse.