OVER enabling Cross-Metaverse assets control

April 11, 2022

Open Metaverses have a big challenge in front of them, competing with their centralized counterparts. In 1996, Bill Gates wrote an essay titled “Content is King”  foreseeing how critical content will be for internet companies. In hindsight, we all understand how content is vital on the internet and how the FANG companies leveraged user-generated content to farm attention from their users. Web3 allows us to break the vicious circle of the value of content being captured by FANG companies without distributing anything to its creators.

Another secret weapon enabled by the NFT standard is emancipating content from the platform where it has been generated initially, making cross-metaverse assets. We can well create open metaverses, but without the content to populate them, we will not be able to compete with the incumbent centralized versions of the metaverse. NFT enabled cross-metaverse assets allow us to win this fight, moving from a competitive mindset to an abundance mindset. The effort of building assets on a specific metaverse platform can benefit the whole Web3 ecosystem thanks to the portability of NFT based content and assets. 

OVER is fully committed to Web3 enabled cross-platform interoperability, and today we’re taking a step forward in this direction: enabling the control of 3D rigged assets from any platform. You could already visualize and publish on specific geolocation any NFT containing 3D or 2D content and animation on OVER, but today you can also control and “flex” those assets on the Over Metaverse.

The first assets we integrated are the Sandbox assets; as an NFT owner, you can now control it on OVER! 

But this is just the beginning. Many more project assets are in the integration pipeline, and we’re publishing a standard that any creator can follow to have their 3D rigged assets automatically usable on Over. 

Finally, this is just the tip of the iceberg; controlling and “flexing” your NFTs in AR/VR on Over is cool, but what if you could create customized games based on such assets? What if an NFT could have different uses and scopes in other metaverses? Over released its Unity Plugin SDK, and if you can code a game on Unity, you can port it on Over, creating NFT enabled games and experiences!

If you’re building an NFT project or game and want to make it accessible on Over,  go through our documentation:


Let’s build the Open Metaverse together!