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OVER Instant App: towards zero friction customized AR experiences

OVER Instant App: towards zero friction customized AR experiences


We are excited to unveil OVER Instant App, our groundbreaking innovation that revolutionizes how you access AR content on OVER—no app download required!

Now, iOS and Android users can instantly explore OVER’s vast array of geolocalized AR content by simply pointing their camera at a QR code. Even without the OVER app installed, the QR code scan launches a WebXR version of OVER, featuring all core functionalities, including GPS and Visual Positioning System (VPS) for AR assets, thus eliminating the need for prior app installation.

Over 1 million users have already delved into the AR content available on OVER through the app. However, we believe the Instant App feature will significantly broaden our audience. Removing any barriers for users, this innovation has the potential to increase our user base exponentially. Downloading an app, while seemingly minor, is an extra step for users, which can deter engagement. In contrast, scanning a QR code is a simple, everyday task for many.

It’s worth noting that the QR codes used for activating these experiences are not the traditional AR markers used historically to anchor content. Instead, they serve as links to initiate the Instant App feature. Similar to the OVER app, AR experience localization relies on GPS or VPS, offering unparalleled flexibility in QR code placement within the target area. Even if the activation QR codes are moved within the designated location, the AR experience remains accurately anchored to the predefined position via the Builder or Unity SDK.

The OVER Instant App feature transcends frictionless access; it also introduces unparalleled personalization. Brands eager to publish AR content often face the challenge of developing their own apps to avoid third-party platform restrictions and app downloads. Previously, this need hindered OVER and its creator network from serving certain clients, as all content was accessible solely through the official OVER app. Now, with AR content accessible without an app download and a fully customizable user interface, we can cater to a broader client base. A “Powered by OVER” reference will appear at the session’s start, fostering brand awareness among newly engaged audiences. This feature is set to dramatically enhance monetization opportunities for creators on the OVER platform by reaching previously inaccessible clients and users.


What About the OVER App?

Far from being deprecated, the OVER app will continue to evolve at the remarkable pace you’ve come to expect. Since its inception in May 2019, we’ve released 88 new versions! The OVER app and Instant App feature will operate concurrently, enabling both power users and casual enthusiasts to engage with the OVER ecosystem fully.