OVER Marketplace: New and Improved UX, UI and Functions

July 22, 2022

Today is a big day for OVER!

We work continuously to improve our Metaverse and the experience of the OVER Community.


Our Metaverse is constantly evolving with new functions being added. We needed to rethink the design and functionality of its central component: the Marketplace

The initial Marketplace was introduced in November 2020, and many improvements have been made.


After months of working on this BETA release, we are excited to launch the new environment: a new faster engine at the core of our Marketplace, and a re-designed User Experience and User Interface for easier navigation. We’ve also added more features:


  • A shopping cart – to review your 3D assets before purchase.
  • Display options – choose between a light or dark theme
  • AI technology – more precise and faster language translation. Soon the use of browser translation will not be needed.
  • HexaPic Display your NFTs in your wallet profile and set them as your profile picture.
  • Staking Credit Balance – view the amount of your staking credit.

Note: the old Marketplace version will be available until August, 31.


Discover a new way to buy, bid and sell in the OVER Metaverse. Head OVER to the Marketplace and try the BETA version!