OVER Unity SDK Alpha Update

April 26, 2022

Building and creating content in the OVER ecosystem is getting more interesting and sophisticated by the day. A few months back, we released the first Alpha version of the Unity SDK plugin. With the latest release, we’ve made the development environment in the OVER app more compatible so that you can take advantage of all of the Unity Engine features.
But wait… That’s not all!

This version also allows you to integrate major 3D formats like .fbx, .dae, .3ds. Plus, the publication of your project is done directly in Unity without exporting and reimporting the project elsewhere. Amazing stuff, right?

This upgraded version (0.0.2) of the Unity SDK plugin includes a total reorganization of the old OvrModSystem that now works with nodes. However, the most important and exciting feature of this upgrade is the introduction of logic to allow for the creation of dynamic experiences.

For example, you shoot a ball in the basket and, as a result, the score counter increases. For more insight, please refer to this document.

OVER has delivered the tools to develop and grow its ecosystem. Seize this opportunity, jump right in and build! The possibilities are endless.

LINK TO DOWNLOAD ON GITHUB: https://github.com/OVR-Platform/unity-sdk

LINK TO GITBOOK DOCUMENTATION: https://docs.overthereality.ai/over-sdk-manual/