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OVERX2 Challenge: March Edition with New Rewards Every 15 Days

OVERX2 Challenge: March Edition with New Rewards Every 15 Days


The OVER Monthly map2earn™ challenge is evolving this March with a new bi-monthly chainlink challenge — the OVERX2 map2earn™ challenge, exclusively for this month.

The first chainlink spans from the 1st to the 15th of March, with winners being drawn and announced on March 20th. The second chainlink picks up from the 16th and runs until the 31st of March, with its winners being drawn and announced on April 8th.  

For this month only, a total of 10,000 OVR tokens are up for grabs, split evenly between the two periods. That means 5,000 OVR is available for the winners from the 1st to the 15th, and another 5,000 OVR from the 16th to the 31st of March, with 10 lucky participants sharing the prize in each chainlink.

Maps must be uploaded within 3 days of their creation to qualify for the respective 15-day chainlink period. Eligible maps can include those made from minted OVRLands and additional locations from the Open Street Map.

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Rules for the OVERX2 map2earn™ challenge

OVER’s vision is to create the largest Web3-enabled 3D Map of the world.

While mapping with the Over the Reality app remains fully permissionless – allowing community members to create and use their maps without quality moderation* – to qualify for the map2earn™ reward program, created maps must meet a minimum quality standard, verified by OVER operators.

Here are the essential rules and helpful tips for creating eligible OVRMaps:



  • Focus on Location: The primary subject of the map should be the surroundings of the location, not mobile objects such as cars or people. Maps primarily focused on mobile objects will not qualify
  • Lawfulness: Do not map locations where it is explicitly prohibited to take photos. Avoid unlawful content as defined in our general Terms and Conditions. Violations will result in disqualification
  • Completeness: Maps must be thorough. Those with large portions of unmapped areas or unreadable Nerf will not be accepted.
  • Position Verification: OVER operators will manually check GPS data and other external sources to verify the declared position. Maps with incorrect declared positions will be invalidated



  • Image Quality: To ensure the highest quality map, avoid blurred pictures. Dark environments requiring long exposures or rapid movements during the mapping process may lead to poor results
  • Mapping Strategy: Ideally, begin mapping from the perimeter of your location, working your way towards the center in a circular pattern. This technique minimizes blind spots and aids the computation process, however there is an in-app guide to assist
  • Avoid Crowds: Whenever possible, avoid mapping locations during crowded times, as the movement of people can reduce the quality
  • Unobstructed Lenses: Keep your smartphone camera lenses clean and unobstructed. Remember to keep your fingers away from the lenses

If a map is not accepted, we will provide a reason to help improve future mapping efforts.

This excludes unlawful content as defined in our general Terms and Conditions.

Never mapped before? No problem. Within the map2earn™ section of the app, view the tutorial for a step-by-step guide.

If you emerge as a winner in our bi-monthly chainlink challenges, your prize will be automatically credited to your profile within the OVER App, specifically in the map2earn section. This amount will be integrated into your total mapping earnings. Please be aware that withdrawing your OVR Tokens will result in the loss of any earned boosters, resetting them to x1.

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