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OVR App Update

OVR App Update


The OVR app is quickly becoming the best AR app in the industry. This speaks volumes as to the OVR team’s dedication to constant improvement. As such, we’ve updated the OVR app with new amazing features AGAIN!

Here are some of the new features added to the OVR app:

¶ Sharing Hex location – You can share hex locations sending URLs based on the unique OVRLand “three word identifier”.

¶ New avatars – 10 new avatars will be added to the app.

¶ AR face-to-face chat with friends’ avatar – You’ll now be able to switch to AR chat to interact with your friends avatar in their real surroundings.

¶ Chat Notifications – In-app push notifications for the OVR community chat.

¶ Avatar customizations – You can now change the colors of your avatar.

¶ Recover password – We’ve added a link for password recovery in the login section.

¶ Fixed multiple animation issues – You can now load multiple animation files from the Web Builder.

¶ Random bodies for new users avatars – New user’s avatars now have a randomly selected body type, and a new default face.

Using the OVR app has never been this exciting! Hop on into your newly customized avatar and enjoy these fun features.