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OVR Avatar: State of the Art AI Assistant

June 3, 2020

It’s no news that Augmented Reality allows users to contextualize and live their ideas, dreams and experiences as in the real world. It creates the illusion that the real and the virtual coexist in the same space. But how can this help users in their day to day lives? How can AI be used to power AR to make this possible? The full gist is a few paragraph away. Read on!

The advent of AR has brought a series of innovations in business models which have become better in terms of marketing strategies and quality customer service, and most importantly in digital marketing and entertainment.

Augmented Reality has no doubt improved over the years, to now becoming a technology within everyone’s reach as with a smartphone device with camera lens in your hand, you can get access to information on probably everything in real time!

It has been able to harmonize the digital and real environment, thereby creating unique experiences. Although AR on its own is a mind-blowing technology, what then will be the outcome of a collaboration between Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence (AR+AI)? All we know is that with a collaboration between these two, the world will no longer be at your fingertips, but firmly in your hands.

The Possibility

For instance for shoppers, the data compiled by AI will be utilized in training algorithms needed to understand shoppers in terms of their product preferences, their shopping behaviour and patterns. Even in gaming and other experiences.

Therefore, a collaboration between Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence would become the missing link to the puzzle, with the creation of avatars that can mimic your ideas, thoughts or imaginations, how better can it be!