OVR December Development Plan

December 1, 2021

First of all, we’d like to greet the OVR community and say “Happy December!” 

It’s the last month of the year, and we’re going to make it count just like any other month. Guess what? It’s OVR’s birthday! We’re clearly the most excited folks in the metaverse industry today. Come, join us in celebrating the banner year that we’ve had.

Even as we celebrate with champagne in one hand, the work must continue. We must continue BUIDLing! Speaking of BUIDLing, here are some awesome new development updates. But first, let’s recap what we achieved in November:


November Updates

  • Tokenomics upgrade – 40% of all OVRLand sales are being burned monthly.
  • OVR Token swapper: You can now swap “OVR managed” tokens to “Decentralised OVR” tokens and vice versa.
  • OVR Token swapper: You can also upgrade “Treasure Hunt 1.0 Tokens” to “OVR managed”.
  • Treasure Hunt 1.0 tokens can now be used to Buy OVRLands in the Primary Marketplace.
  • Enabled BSC OVR payments for OVRLand purchases in the Primary Marketplace.
  • Buy & Sell Light minted OVRLands bundled in folders.
  • Access tokens for OVRLand publications.
  • Launched an “OVR Statistics” page for the marketplace.
  • New Play2Earn charts and maps page for the marketplace. 



  • New OVRLive Scaling Infrastructure.
  • Anti-cheating security features.
  • Unity SDK Support.
  • OVRLand Experience Showcase.
  • Collectibles update.

As you can see, November was a big month! Now let’s dig into what we have planned for the last, but not least month of 2021.


December Development Plan

  • Launch updated website and UI restyling.
  • Threedium integration in OVR Web Builder.
  • BSC integration for Secondary Marketplace: Users will be able to buy and sell OVRLand on the Secondary Marketplace using the BSC network.
  • BSC Swapper
  • Unity SDK alpha release



  • Upgrading OVR Experiences capacity from 5 to 50 users for each room.
  • Showcase your NFTs in AR on your OVRLand.
  • Update for OVRLand Experience Showcase.
  • Chat restyling and groups support.
  • Rokoko Suit support.


The future of OVR metaverse is promising. Stay with us as OVR continues to grow.