OVR Live: a virtual assistant for old and young

June 22, 2020

Loneliness is now becoming a trend among young persons, a feeling I thought was only for seniors. For young persons, I would say their addiction to social media has taken the place of socialization- an antidote for loneliness, while for seniors, a common occurrence. However, there isn’t much that can be done to stop their addiction, but there’s surely a solution, one which hasn’t been thoroughly explored in the same social media. The solution-virtual technology. Read on!

The focus should be on seniors but look around, young persons are becoming more involved with social media, and yet more lonely. Let’s look at some facts.

According to the Cigna U.S. Loneliness Index;

“three out of every five adults, or 61%, report that they sometimes or always feel lonely”,

“workers aged 18–22, 73% report sometimes or always feeling alone, up from 69% a year ago,”

‘there is a greater feeling of loneliness among people who use social media more frequently”, the study found.

The above poses us with two problems; how to alleviate loneliness among young ones, and how to provide assistance and company for seniors. But with a problem comes a solution, which was mentioned earlier to be virtual reality. With the aid of virtual assistants, young people can now afford a companion, while seniors, an assistant and company. Fortunately, an innovation by OVR provides this and more- OVR LIVE.

OVR LIVE is a platform that allows both young and seniors to create 3D customizable Avatars that can be interacted with in real time, acting as both a virtual friend, companion, and an assistant. OVR Avatar is equipped with virtual reality + Artificial intelligence embedded to act as a readily-available companion for young ones, and assistance for seniors helping them go through this stage of their lives with ease.

What can our OVR LIVE feature do?

…..For Young People….

Young people mostly take to dating as a means to fill in for loneliness, a reason for the increase in the usage of virtual dating game apps, however, OVR provides a better solution for this. The OVR LIVE feature is one that can be utilized by young persons to create 3D customizable Avatars of a virtual friend. It could be either a boyfriend or girlfriend, just like the real dating relationship! What’s more you can customize your Avatar into your favourite celebrity crush and whoever you want! How would it feel if you had Beyonce as your girlfriend huh?

It doesn’t end there, the virtual friend is implanted with an AI neurological language system that makes for easy interaction between you and virtual girlfriend/boyfriend. And wait, it’s 24/7 non-stop chatting!

Building up Social Relationship

Just as we meet new persons in the schools, office, or maybe restaurant, the same can be done through virtual reality. The OVR LIVE feature as mentioned earlier enables users to create customizable Avatars of themselves. Now with OVR LIVE, you can build up a relationship with anyone no matter the distance; with OVR boundary is no limitation! What’s more you can decide to meet your friend at the choicest restaurant, beach or attraction spots around the world! You can also go for sight-seeing with your partner in any of your choicest location free of charge, doesn’t it sound great? It sure does.

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OVR LIVE is living the real life in virtual reality- a double layer of life!