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OVR Secondary Marketplace is Live

OVR Secondary Marketplace is Live


It’s no doubt a grand moment for us at OVR as events of late only point to how much we have grown and are willing to grow at OVR. The latest on our scorecard is the launch of our secondary marketplace! And this means trading OVRLands just became easier. The secondary marketplace will allow owners of OVRLand to trade their lands in a decentralized fashion, all easy and simple.


Features of the secondary marketplace

OVR secondary marketplace will come with a list of seamless features to make it easy for trading OVRLands. They include:

The secondary marketplace will allow users to buy and sell light minted OVRLands (one by one at the moment). 

Landowners will be able to put out their light minted OVRLands for sale at the price they want. And if another user is willing to buy at that price, then the trade is executed. Here there’s no need for an auction. 

The secondary marketplace is also built-in with an off-chain login feature. Users can log in to both the secondary marketplace and OVR app using the same login details. 


How does this off-chain login feature work?

The added off-chain login feature makes for a seamless to switch between the marketplace and OVR app. It works this way;

First of all, login to the OVR app using the on-chain option and create a username and password. The username and password created can then be used to log into the OVR secondary marketplace. Note: A more detailed explanation will be published soon.

And secondly, you’ll find an option to synchronize the secondary marketplace account with the previous OVR marketplace account. With this done, you’re ready to use the secondary marketplace!

Unlike old users, new users registering on the website marketplace can start by creating an account without needing to connect to any wallet.

OVR secondary marketplace is about enabling decentralized trading of your OVRLands without putting them up for auction or going to OpenSea. The secondary marketplace covers all that!