OVRLand ownership layer is now fully operational on Polygon

April 12, 2022

The primary and secondary markets are now live!

OVRLand ownership layer is now fully operational on Polygon; the primary and secondary markets are now live! And that’s not all. Renting smart contracts are going to be released very soon!

Primary market sales are accessible from Ethereum, Polygon, and BSC, while decentralized secondary markets – OVER Marketplace and OpenSea – are only accessible from Polygon.   

To support the migration of OVRLand NFTs minted on Ethereum to Polygon, OVER will subsidize the gas cost of the transfer with 6$ in OVR Tokens on Polygon. You can access the migration interface on this link: https://marketplace.ovr.ai/profile

But that’s not all. Ethereum OVR Token holders can move their assets to Polygon using the official Polygon Bridge: https://wallet.polygon.technology/bridge/

To select the OVR Token in the Polygon Bridge follow these steps:

Yet, once on Polygon, users migrating from Ethereum or BSC might have the problem of not having MATIC to pay gas fees. 

No worries, we got you!!! Polygon transactions are so cheap that we can be your faucet. Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon share the same address structure, so we will airdrop enough MATIC to perform ≈10 transactions to the following addresses:

  • Polygon OVRLand owners’ wallets;
  • Polygon wallets equivalent to Ethereum OVR Token Owner address;
  • Polygon wallets equivalent to BSC OVR Token Owner address.

See you on Polygon!