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Own Your World, Create Your Experience With OVRLand

Own Your World, Create Your Experience With OVRLand


Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are ripe for the taking! With about $100 million NFTs sold according to nonfungible.com, we might just see a major breakthrough in the market as earlier than expected. The market for NFTs although still young has been projected to reach the trillion dollar threshold in a matter of time.

Statistics of  the overall market for NFTs as compiled by nonfungible.com puts the Total Lifetime Trade Volume at $96,186,581.56 USD (June 5, 2020). This I believe is just a tiny little tip of the iceberg. As a result, various NFT projects categorized from collectibles, game assets, virtual world, digital art and others are lining up to take their share in the future trillion dollar market.

Interestingly, amongst these categorizations of NFTs, what strikes me most is that of the virtual world. The virtual world is someplace with great potential and yet largely untapped, and I believe in these past months, we have seen how much of its importance in our lives. Thanks to virtual reality, we could still attend concerts, music festivals, and even work activities in spite of the pandemic! 

Perhaps, just like Ray Kurzweil predicts, in a matter of years, physical workplaces will be a thing of the past, replaced by virtual ones. OVR is about to prove Kurzweil right and even more with the launch of OVRLand.