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Phase 2 of map2earn™️

Phase 2 of map2earn™️


Introducing Invitations—the brand new way to get involved in the map2earn™️ revolution!

At the beginning of November entries opened to apply for the rewards element of our global call out to Map The World in 3D. 

Thousands filled in the form and submitted their interest to be one of the first OVER Mappers to map2earnTM for creating three-dimensional versions of global locations.

In December that first wave hit the streets, earning OVR Tokens and creating some amazing  visualizations for the community to jump into.

A new way to map, a new way to earn

If you’re one of the first OVER Mappers you’ve also made yourself eligible for invitation codes to distribute to anyone who wants to start mapping and earning. 

New mappers will also receive invitations for maps they make, as will OVRLand owners for owning property in the digital layer.

And here’s the great thing about that: 

You receive 5% ON TOP of everything that the recipient of your code gains from:

  • Direct Rewards
  • Bonus or Hidden Prizes
  • Monthly Prize Draws
  • Major Prize Draws

Learn more about rewards

Plus, those who receive your invites (known as Referral Invitations) will find their OVER Mapper Booster starting at 1.5x, instead of the usual 1x.

There are two types of invites: those distributed by Over, marked with the prefix ‘OVR’, and those distributed by community members, marked with the prefix ‘OVRBOOST’. Only the latter type grants a 1.5x booster.

How to get your hands on an invitation

Here’s how the distribution of invitations works:

OVER Mappers (Snapshot)

These are members of the OVER community who were captured in the Snapshot prior to the application phase of the Map the World in 3D campaign.

Invites earned: 3 per person captured in the Snapshot

OVER Mappers (General)
These are Mappers who have made maps after December 11, 2023.

Invites earned: 1 invite for every 20 approved OVRMaps

OVRLand owners
Eligible OVRLand owners are those who purchased land in the Primary Market.

Invites earned: 1 invite for every 10 OVRLands bought/owned

Head to the OVER Discord and the mtw-invitation-codes channel. There, community managers will distribute invitation codes. The codes only work once, so if you find one in the channel that doesn’t work you can: 

  • Try another invitation code
  • Wait for new invitation codes to be generated
  • Ask in the General channel for a member of the community to send you an invitation code


We’ll be introducing other ways to earn invitations throughout the year, such as the performance of certain tasks, and prizes and giveaways from competitions.

As always, set notifications for the OVER Twitter/X account and stay tuned to our Discord and Telegram channels for more updates. And if you haven’t already done so, why not subscribe to our regular newsletter?