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September Development Schedule

September 8, 2021

We’re already in September and the pertinent questions in most OVR fans minds are; What is OVR up to this month? Will there be some updates to thrill us? Don’t worry, we got you covered.

This month is already packed with activities ranging from ecosystem updates to OVR app updates.

⚠️Caution: Exciting features ahead! Meticulously read on to get all the details.

  • Server optimization – New infrastructure to scale performance for app events with many users.
  • ARwards: Spin off website for OVRLand experiences with big prizes. A contest portal for content creators to showcase their AR artwork and stand a chance to win amazing prizes.
  • Staking 2.0: New contract and new interface for OVR token staking with auto compound rewards.


New App Update

  • OVRLive in OVRLands: Lands now support the presence of remote users. With this feature, you can remotely meet with people in your OVRLand.
  • Collectibles: New feature to let users collect items, such as NFTS, around the world, just like a treasure hunt.
  • OVR workspace: New feature to preview OVR Web builder experiences. This is for experiences that have not been published on any OVRLand yet.
  • Featured banner: A new section in the home screen to update app users on featured initiatives by OVR.
  • New Unity version update.

We are dedicated to constant improvement, as that’s the only guaranteed way to stay at the top. We hope you stay with us all the way as we enable you to live a two layered life.