Trade OVR token on Polygon Network

January 11, 2022

When we announced our January development plan, primary marketplace migration to polygon was part of the development plan. We are step closer to fulfilling this plan. Get the full details in the next few paragraphs.

We’re happy to announce that you can now swap OVR Tokens on the Polygon implementation of Uniswap V3. This makes transactions easier and cheaper. Currently, gas fees are 0.01$ per swap!!! 

You can use the official Polygon Bridge to move ERC-20 OVR Tokens from Ethereum to Polygon and vice-versa. Simply connect your wallet to the dApp. If you have OVR tokens in your Ethereum wallet, the bridge will recognize OVR tokens in the search field and you can perform the bridging.

Even if you don’t have MATIC to pay for gas on Polygon, you can use the official faucet to get enough gas to trade on Polygon!

OVR Polygon integration is getting closer every day!!!