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Take control of your AR gaming experience

Take control of your AR gaming experience


OVER introduces new 3D controllable digital assets

Now you can buy digital assets from the OVER Marketplace, publish them on your OVRLands and invite others to interact with them. It’s a game-changing new feature in the OVER ecosystem that looks set to add greater complexity, functionality and fun to your AR games.

When you purchase and publish these assets within your lands on OVER, they become accessible to other individuals exploring those spaces. Not only can they view the assets but they can actively engage with them, turning your asset into a shared gaming experience.

Get to the good stuff quicker

Enjoying AR experiences has never been easier. We introduced the AR button that flashes when there is an AR experience on the land we are in. So now, when you are present on land in OVER that has an AR experience, the AR button flashes, capturing your attention, while the screen gently dims, creating an immersive atmosphere.

This feature simplifies the process of finding AR experiences, eliminating the need for constant searching. Simply enter a land and let the OVER app check for a live experience.

Grab a digital asset from the Marketplace and lift your AR game!