The Things You Should Know About OVR IBCO

November 23, 2020

It’s been a very busy past few weeks at OVR — the augmented reality platform for unique experiences based on blockchain!

Next week, we are excited to be launching the public sale for OVR tokens, based on a new Initial Bonding Curve Offering (IBCO) model that we believe will be very attractive to investors since it offers several benefits over traditional token fund raises:

  1. You have a fair price model, where price automatically goes up with demand, and conversely, price goes down as demand decreases. This way, you are always able to buy at a price determined fairly by the natural market, protected from dumping and manipulation.
  2. You are guaranteed liquidity, meaning you can always sell back your tokens at any volume, so you never need to worry about looking for markets or be vulnerable to thin orderbooks.

For more information on the IBCO model, and why we believe this is going to be the new model for fair token fundraising, you can read our featured post on Hackernoon here or head over to our OVR blog for past articles explaining this concept.

Of course, we have been hard at work on all this while, further developing our OVR app. We frequently add new features and updates and have been doing so over the past two years. With our APP, you can access a variety of features including a Marketplace, an experience or event feature, world exploration and treasure hunt, and even an AI-powered virtual assistant. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, feel free to get in on the action with our app available for iOS and Android.

The OVR story is just getting started

That’s not all that’s been going on. Running up to the public sale, we have been embarking on many activities, talking to our various different fans and community members all over the world.

Many people have been excited by the prospects of a blockchain-based augmented reality platform for users, developers, advertisers and others to participate in.  A new token economy that enriches real human lives with digital experiences, while rewarding creators of content with real value is very exciting afterall! 

Throughout the past weeks, we’ve also been interacting a lot with our growing fanbase in China, conducting all sorts of Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) sessions with our CEO Davide Cuttini and taking on questions from the community there. In particular, there has been a huge interest in our virtual land auction features, where people can bid for OVRLand to get their share of spatial web NFTs!

As a result, OVR has received a lot of coverage in various crypto and mainstream media.

On the business and development side, we’ve managed to secure a new strategic partnership with the China Academy of Management Science — Blockchain Research center. This will allow us to work together on the popularization and development of further blockchain industry knowledge!

Aside from this, we’ve undertaken plenty of activities with our online community, giving away free tokens for games and quizzes. Truly, the reception to our idea and platform has been very encouraging!

If you’re curious to know more about OVR team members, we’re always available online, especially on Telegram, where you can interact directly with our community managers and even some of our management. We assure you, we’re very real people behind the scenes, always working to deliver you the best possible experience by taking into account your valuable feedback. We believe community is a crucial part of our success.

So far, we have had a really great response even before the public sale. Here are just some numbers we’d like to share with you:

  1. Over 10,000+ OVR app installs
  2. Over 30,000+ Community members on Telegram and WeChat
  3. 62,000 OVRLands has been discovered