TINUS Affiliate Program: Join the Web 3 Fashion Collective

July 29, 2022

Web 3.0 and NFT wearables give the fashion world a platform to expand the creativity and imagination of designers while evolving with current technological innovations.


Our goal is to not only be the platform where new trends and styles launch, but to also be a catalyst in redefining the meaning of art and art forms.


AR, AI & Fashion 4.0


Now more than ever, the concept of fashion has evolved into a lifestyle.

The integration of augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), and the recent emergence of interoperable Metaverses offer greater possibilities for designers and creators while giving companies technical tools to help address diversity and inclusivity.


We also recognize that the health and well-being of people are key components of a functioning society. We want to ensure that we create a welcoming environment for metaverse citizens. An environment where people can express themselves and be whomever they want to be.


Fashion 4.0 on OVER allows users to try digital clothes in virtual dressing rooms and then buy digital clothing (NFT wearables). A user can express their unique personality by exploring different styles made by the creators and fashion brands.


TINUS Affiliate Program


The launch of our TINUS Affiliate Program brings together 3D artists and fashion brands. It also provides the opportunity for content creators to enter the Web 3.0 space through the creation of digital clothing and accessories to be sold on our worldwide open-source AR platform powered by the Ethereum Blockchain.


TINUS Affiliate Program members help facilitate the definition of Digital Identity for the citizens of the OVER Metaverse.


OVER’s decentralized AR platform allows 3D artists, fashion brands, and content creators to:

  • Unleash their imagination
  • Strengthen their Web3 brand presence
  • Earn OVR Tokens
  • Receive valuable feedback from peers
  • Be part of the Web 3.0 revolution


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