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Why You Should Be Excited About OVR SDK

February 26, 2021

Since the start of our land auction, the sale of OVRLands has been met with wide acceptance from many of our users around the world as we have recorded the sale of over 20k OVRLands with about 12k of them minted. At the Granada: Court of the Lions, a crazy record for the most expensive OVRLand was won for a price of 6400 estimated around $900! Amazingly, in Granada, the OVRLands covering Alhambra palace are all sold.

Moving further, we’re glad to announce that with the release of the SDK for OVRLand! Users can now experience what it feels like to create contents and experiences on their virtual lands and subsequently earn passively from them. What’s more, the integration of the SDK will allow content creators; publishers/advertisers and crypto artists to monetize contents put up on their virtual land.


How will this be realized?

The OVRExperiences can be realized thanks to a WebGL-based SDK which will enable community users to undertake the building of experiences inside the platform. WebGL is compatible with Unity3D, among the leading real time 3D development environments on the market, which has been chosen for its versatility, diffusion and ability to manage a cross-platform compilation of projects thus supporting mobile devices and smart glasses.


What kind of experiences can be created with the integration of the SDKs?

The integration of SDK will allow users to create AR experiences that can range from static 3D content and highly complex and hyper real scenes that make virtual content merge with the real world by engaging the user to a physical interaction with the surrounding world. Crypto gaming, art galleries, fascinating structures and more, are examples of experiences that can be created on OVRLand. 

With these set up, OVRLand can be monetized by publishers/advertisers and crypto artists seeking to sell/rent the AR experiences created.

For Publishers/Advertisers

OVRLands will provide a great medium for advertisers who wish to also draw the attention of potential customers from the virtual world to their brands and products. OVRLand owners can decide to sell/rent out the experiences created on their virtual land to advertisers and in return will be paid in OVR tokens. That’s more money in the bag right?

OVR implements a decentralized advertising system based on publisher/advertiser principle where the OVROwner can earn OVR token by inserting the sponsored content proposed by advertisers into the augmented reality experience.


For Crypto Artists

Crypto artists can now take selling and marketing of their digital arts to another whole new level. Previously, when most crypto artists were left with the option of putting out their arts for sale on marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible and the rest. However, OVRLand will provide crypto artists with a better choice of displaying not just one, but all of their arts in a virtual art gallery and a readily available marketplace- OVR Marketplace for sale of their arts. 

Think of it this way, wouldn’t you prefer art lovers to come see your art exhibition in a gallery-like setting, to putting up one or two paintings on OpenSea? Or putting out portfolio links on different platforms hoping maybe one, two or perhaps three persons would get to click on them? 

Now compare this to the interactive and enjoyable experiences your buyers will be treated to while exploring these experiences already created on your OVRLand. This will mean more choices of art to be displayed to buyers and subsequently more sales!

OVR is providing a complete, one-stop solution for users and content creators to put out their contents and earn from them.