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Apply to Map The World in 3D – coming November 6!

Apply to Map The World in 3D – coming November 6!


On November 6, applications will officially open to join the new global movement to Map The World in 3D. Those selected will be able to start mapping locations and earning $OVR tokens for their efforts via our map2earn™️ rewards mechanic.

This heralds the beginning of a brand new initiative to reimagine the way we see the world.

“Our long-term vision at OVER is to create the largest Web3-based 3D recreation of the world. Think Google Maps but as AR-enabled digital twins that are made by the community.”

— co-founder and COO of OVER, Diego Di Tommaso

Here’s how it works:

The Snapshot
In the middle of October we took a snapshot of the OVER community to capture the following:

  • Owners of at least five OVRLands OR
  • Those who had made at least one OVER Map, using the Mapper tool

Those users captured in the snapshot will have immediate and early access when mapping starts in early December.

Those not captured in the snapshot can still get access by filling in the application form, which opens on November 6.

Make maps, earn rewards
When you Map The World in 3D you pave the way for the creation of highly accurate and immersive augmented reality experiences. You also create a digital twin of the location which can be experienced remotely, in a fly-through video or in real time.

Add OVER’s map2earn™️ rewards mechanic and that’s when you really start to see the benefits of being involved.

By mapping a global location you create four ways to win OVR tokens:

  1. Direct payments—based on the value of the mapped location
  2. Major prize draw—the more maps you make, the more entries you submit to potentially share in thousands of OVR tokens. Winners are selected randomly via Chainlink
  3. Monthly prize draw—a continuation of our current Mapper Challenge, with winners selected randomly via Chainlink
  4. Treasure hunt—check your completed maps for random hidden bonuses

The Pioneer Program—first to map, first to earn!
In early December we’ll release the names of those who have been successful gaining entry to the Pioneer Program – the first wave of the Map The World initiative.

These pioneers will access the most valuable maps and be able to start earning immediately. 

On November 6, the application form will be live. The steps to join are simple and straightforward, and you’ll need a MetaMask wallet and Twitter account to kick things off.

You can also increase your chances of winning by registering for the Premint raffle at the end of the application form.

Guarantee your inclusion by:

  • Owning at least 10 OVRLands OR
  • Participating in community collaborations

Winners will be announced on Twitter, so be sure to follow OVER and have notifications switched on.

Opportunities to reimagine the way we see the world and earn rewards while you’re doing it don’t come around that often. Get ready to join the movement on November 6.

Blog posts coming soon, where you can learn more about map2earn™️ rewards and how to map a location.