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OVER partners with PINKO  to create AR experience at  Rinascente Florence pop-up store

OVER partners with PINKO to create AR experience at Rinascente Florence pop-up store


Visitors will be able to view digital versions of PINKO x Miomojo sustainable bags, both inside the store and on the Piazza della Repubblica, via the OVER app

We’re proud to announce our second collaboration with iconic Italian fashion brand PINKO. In an activation taking place at Rinascente Florence, we’re extending the capabilities of our app to add value to the brand’s retail experience. This follows the success of our augmented reality fashion show in Milan at the end of March this year, at which PINKO was the key attraction.

The future of fashion in the store of craft

Celebrating the artisanal and sartorial soul of Tuscany, the Rinascente store on Florence’s Piazza della Repubblica is the ideal setting in which to demonstrate where fashion is heading next—the sustainable production of goods.

The LOVE BAGS, called ‘Eva’, on show in the Rinascente pop-up store (open to the public until October 2), are made from Apple Skin, an innovative and animal-free material made with recovered apple waste discarded by the food industry.

Our involvement in this effort is a prime example of how augmented reality can help reduce the industry’s carbon footprint.

Via the OVER app, high resolution 3D digital versions of physical products can be sent to any destination in the world—including your living room—to provide an immersive experience, minus the emissions from shipping and road transportation.

Home to the garden

To promote the LOVE BAGS range, giant pink snakes took over iconic landmarks across Europe.

With our involvement in the pop-up store, we have brought the snake home to its Garden of Eden, placing the focus on the fruit from which the bags originated.

Click here to view the promotional video for the OVER x PINKO collaboration at Rinascente Florence.

Visitors to Rinascente Florence will be able to see the giant LOVE BAG outside the store using the OVER app. Inside the pop-up store, more 3D digital versions of the LOVE BAG range will be available to view through the app, with product information and links to the PINKO online store.

On September 12th at 6pm CET, the pop-up store will host an event to celebrate the release of the LOVE BAG range.

“At PINKO, we ride the wave of innovation,” said Marco Ruffa, PINKO’s Digital Transformation Director. “We like to explore new communication territories and when we do, we always go in depth. The occasion of the launch of our first vegan bag unleashed great creativity, which found the perfect terrain of expression within the OVER AR ecosystem.”

“It’s a pleasure to once again support PINKO as they drive innovation in the fashion industry,” said Diego Di Tommaso, OVER co-founder and COO. “Taking our successful collaboration in Milan to the next level is a thrill for the entire team and we look forward to whatever challenges and developments they come up with that can be enhanced with the OVER augmented reality ecosystem.”