Polygon Migration Has Started!

enero 28, 2022

We’re thrilled to announce that the first phase of the Polygon migration is Live!

Merkle Proof and minting functions have been transferred from Ethereum to Polygon, which means that you can now mint your OVRLand NFT on Polygon for a few cents! 

Polygon network payments have been added to the Ethereum and BSC payments options in the primary market, further decreasing transaction costs. The secondary market will stay unaltered until the migration is completed.

In the next month, OVR will complete its migration to Polygon that includes: 

  • batch minting of all the light minted OVRLands
  • direct NFT minting of new primary market sales
  • NFT bridge from Ethereum to Polygon
  • fully decentralized secondary market

Should you mint all of your OVRLand on Polygon now or wait for the batch minting in the second phase? That’s totally up to you. Just keep in mind that minted OVRLands will be tradable only on OpenSea until the OVR decentralized secondary market is released in February. 

See you all on Polygon!