Dear Over users, on April 8th 2022, OVR will launch a new official logo and a new domain name. The logo will change from "OVR" to "OVER", and the new website URL will be more


Showcasing platform potential by deploying vertical use cases

Treasure Hunt SaaS

In the first year of our Pokémon Go-style treasure hunt, participants visited over one million real-world locations, to collect OVR tokens. The framework is currently open to 3rd party projects, allowing them to gamify their assets.

OVER Play-2-Earn SaaS

Creating Play-2-Earn games in the OVER Metaverse is made possible with our Unity Plugin SDK, and the OVR token, as a form of exchange.

OVER Art Gallery

Artists are able to create their own VR/AR Art Galleries on OVRLands. You can visit these galleries both locally in AR, and remotely in VR. Artists can be present in the galleries with their avatars and can interact with visitors from all over the world. Works of art can also be connected to any marketplace using hyperlinks.

OVER Avatar

OVER uses deep learning to generate photorealistic 3D avatars. Take a selfie of your face, customize the body, and start exploring OVER's AR Metaverse. Interact with others using audio, facial tracking, and inworld animations.

OVER AI Avatars

OVER will release AI avatars powered by state of the art NLP algorithms. Conversational avatars, historical figures, and customizable sales assistants will soon live in the OVER Metaverse.


Live events are one of the highlights of OVER. Entertainers of the metaverse can perform during live events wearing motion-tracking suits. Their facial expressions and body language can be streamed into OVER, to thousands of interacting spectators.

OVER Meta Commerce

Showcase products in the metaverse with a virtual store created in VR or AR. Use your custom avatar or an AI avatar assistant to greet, inform, educate, and sell to visitors. Connect VR/AR items to an e-commerce backend.

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