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Map the World in 3D



Join the global movement to reimagine the physical world. Create immersive digital versions of actual locations, and earn $OVR tokens for your efforts.

All you need is your smartphone camera.


OVRMaps a Digital Twin of the Physical World

When you Map a location you enable highly accurate and immersive augmented reality experiences. You also create a digital twin of the location which can be explored remotely in real time.

Create and Own the Largest 3D Map of the World

Join the global movement to create the world's largest 3D map. Own it as an NFT or sell it to earn exclusive OVER map2earn™ rewards.
Jump-In OVRMaps

Become a mapper to unlock map2earn rewards

Major Prize Draw

Every map you make counts as an entry 'ticket' to the major prize draw in OVR tokens

100.000 $
500,000 community mappings to be unlocked
Monthly Prize Draw

10 winners are randomly chosen via Chainlink

10.000 OVR
Monthly extraction
Treasure Hunt

Some OVRLands will contain a hidden prize

1 - 1.250 $
on either minted OVRLands or Point of Interest
Direct Payments

These rewards are distributed geographically, but not all lands are created equal

0,30 - 1$
based on minted OVRLand density