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Map the World in 3D

Join the movement to create 3D digital maps of locations around the world, and earn OVR tokens for your efforts.

All you need is your smartphone camera!

First to map, first to earn

Join Phase 2 of the map2earn™ for early access to the most valuable maps. Head to Discord, grab an invite code, open map2earn™ in the OVER app, enter your code and Start mapping!

Reimagine how we see the world

When you map the world with the OVER Mapper you lay the foundation of the spatial web—an entirely new way to view and experience the world around us.
You also create a unique three-dimensional digital twin of the location which, thanks to OVER’s 'JUMP-IN' technology can be explored remotely in real time.

1. Get an invitation

Visit the OVER Discord and the mtw-invitation-codes channel. Community managers will distribute invitation codes that can be used to enter the program. If you’re already an OVER Mapper or OVRLand owner, invitations codes will be given to you for your participation so far.

2. Start mapping

Enter your invitation code in the map2earn™ section of the OVER app to enter the program and start mapping.

3. Ways to win

Make a map to receive a direct payment, entry to the major prize draw, plus the chance to win a hidden bonus prize. Thousands of OVR tokens are up for grabs!