Make maps, earn rewards

Join the movement to create 3D digital maps of locations around the world, and earn OVR tokens for your efforts.

All you need is your smartphone camera!

First to map,
first to earn

Join the Pioneer Program for early access to the most valuable maps, entry to the exclusive Discord channel and other benefits.
You are the first wave in the global movement.

Reimagine how
we see the world

When you Map The World in 3D you pave the way for highly accurate and immersive augmented reality experiences. You also create a digital twin of the location which can be experienced remotely, in a fly-through video or in real time.

The revolution of AR Metaverse

1.Apply to join

Hit the link, fill in your details and submit your application.
Successful applicants will be announced in early December.


2.Start mapping

Open the Mapper tool in the OVER app, go to a location and Map The World! Every successful map you make, earns rewards.

The revolution of AR Metaverse
The revolution of AR Metaverse

3.Ways to win

Make a map to receive a direct payment, entry to the major prize draw, plus the chance to win a hidden bonus prize. Thousands of OVR tokens are up for grabs!


Join the global movement

Apply now!

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