map2earn™ reward program rules

To qualify for the map2earn reward program, created maps must meet a minimum quality standard, verified by OVER operators.


While mapping using the OVER app remains fully permissionless – allowing community members to create and use their maps without moderation on quality* – to qualify for the map2earn reward program, created maps must meet a minimum quality standard, verified by OVER operators. 

Here are the necessary rules and helpful suggestions for creating eligible OVER Maps:

  • Focus on location: The primary subject of the map should be the surroundings of the location, not mobile objects such as cars or people. Maps primarily focused on mobile objects will not qualify
  • Lawfulness:Do not map locations where it is explicitly prohibited to take photos. Avoid unlawful content as defined in our general Terms and Conditions. Violations will result in disqualification
  • Completeness:Maps must be thorough. Those with large portions of unmapped areas or unreadable Nerf will not be accepted.
  • Position verification: OVER operators will manually check GPS data and other external sources to verify the declared position. Maps with incorrect declared positions will be invalidated

Completeness Examples


Not Eligible – Missing parts

Not Eligible


  • Image quality: To ensure the highest quality map, avoid blurred pictures. Dark environments requiring long exposures or rapid movements during the mapping process may lead to poor results
  • Mapping strategy: Ideally, begin mapping from the perimeter of your location, working your way towards the center in a circular pattern. This technique minimizes blind spots and aids the computation process, however there is an in-app guide to assist
  • Avoid crowds: Whenever possible, avoid mapping locations during crowded times, as the movement of people can reduce the quality
  • Unobstructed lenses: Keep your smartphone camera lenses clean and unobstructed. Remember to keep your fingers away from the lenses

If a map is not accepted, we will provide a reason to help improve future mapping efforts. 

*This excludes unlawful content as defined in our general Terms and Conditions.

Haven’t mapped before?

No problem. Within the map2earn™ section of the app, view the tutorial for a step-by-step guide.

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