The revolution of AR Metaverse

Map the world, own and monetize the data, publish precisely geo-located experiences.

The revolution of AR Metaverse

Map2earn enables precise geolocalization for outdoor and indoor locations. A mapped OVRLand has a localization precision down to 20 cm. Geolocalized experiences are now possible also indoors where GPS is inaccurate. The ultimate system to create geo-localized experiences embedded in the real world.

Why map your surroundings?
Map2Earn allows you to geolocalise your 3D assets.

You don’t need expensive tools to use Map2Earn, just the smartphone you have in your pocket, no LIDAR needed. Once mapped, you can create digital twins of the world and dive into it.


    Our vision is to create the most extensive web3-based 3D map of relevant locations in the world, both indoors and outdoors. Map2earn is the portal to the AR metaverse. Google owns the data they gather with cars and satellites. You can own the 3D structure of locations mapped with your smartphone.

  • 3D Pointcloud

    Empower creators with a precise visual reference of the actual 3D structure of the locations they want to augment with AR experiences.

  • AI Neural Render

    Leverage state-of-the-art computer vision to create a digital twin of mapped locations. Create impressive fly-through simulations of your OVRMaps.

  • Precise Geolocalization

    Map2earn creates a bridge between the real and virtual worlds. It allows for the accurate localization of AR assets both indoors and outdoors.

Design your 3D experience.
Discover how to create precisely geolocalized events.

Fill in the form. You will receive via email the official guideline to learn how to place 3D assets on the OVRLand you have mapped.